Started in 2010 Brasseurs a la Maison is the newest homebrewing club in Baton Rouge.  The club is growing and anyone is welcome, from brewers new to homebrewing and advanced brewers who want to join a group of brewers looking to make better homebrew to those of us who are novice beer drinkers.  Meetings occur every second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at The Cove but there is rarely a weekend that one of us is not brewing.   

Brasseurs a la Maison was founded on the idea that homebrewing clubs should be about gaining knowledge about beer.  Kepping this in mind, our meeting discussions range from homebrew topics to beer culture discussions.  As holidays, events, or topics come up club events are planned accordingly. 

We invite you to attend one of our meetings, join our mailing list, and pick up the hobby.  If you are only interested in enjoying quality beer and lively discussion you are more than welcome to attend, many of our members are beer fans rather than brewers and pride themselves on being club tasters. 

Contact Blake at blake@brbrewers.com or info@brbrewers.com for more information.  Or use the Contact Us form.